Sustainability programme

At the Shoreditch Mask Company, we are driven by a passion to create beautiful and bold treasures for everyone. However, our vision is not only one of beauty, but one of fairness and ethical production.

We began by creating handmade, reusable masks that lessened waste and offered more expressive face coverings for non-care workers, with 25% of all profits going to the NHS.

As we grew, so did our pledge. Over 3/4 of our products are eco-friendly and sustainable. All our garments are produced sweat shop free.

All our garments and textiles are made by suppliers with the following certifications:

1) Oeko-Tex Annex 4 (recycled products)
2) Oeko-Tex Annex 6 (organic products)
3) OCS blended
4) OSC 100
5) GOTS Organic Certified
6) Global Recycle Standard
7) Fair-Wear sweat-shop free certified
8) PETA-approved Vegan cotton

Our suppliers also use water-free production and water-based dyes. Over 80% of our products are made in the United Kingdom, using only happy workers.

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